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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Bowling Ball For Sale on craigslist

NASCAR Collectibles and Memorabilia For Sale!

Listing News:

Being a collector of NASCAR collectibles and memorabilia, naturally I Always search the classifieds. And today I found;

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Bowling Ball
For Sale on craigslist.

Now this is Really COOL!!!
Can't say as I've ever seen a Dale Earnhardt Sr. Bowling Ball before. And a quick check of didn't reveal anything like it so, it must be rare. The only problem is that it has a scar/scuff mark which definitely degrades it's value but, the seller says it can be polished out. And at only $50.00, it's about the same price as a standard bowling ball, anyway. (Although I have seen some bowling balls that cost a Lot more.) And that's not to mention that it is "undrilled" so that it is still collectible.

At any rate, if you're a NASCAR Fan and/or a bowler, you're definitely gonna wanna check this out.

Seller's Description
Rare, undrilled Dale Earnhardt Sr. Bowling Ball up for auction.
On one side of the ball is a big 3 with Dale's signature on it. On the other side it says "Seven-time Nascar Winston cup champion" and has all the year's Dale won the championship listed on it.

This ball is undrilled and a rare Dale Earnhardt memorabilia piece. Great addition to any Earnhardt Sr. and/or Earnhardt Jr collection.
I don't want to sell but have to because I could use the money.
The ball has a couple nicks in it. You can see one of the scuffs in the picture where it says "Seven-time.." I believe it can be buffed out. It's not bad at all.

Make offer!


Listing Details

Listing Link: RARE Dale Earnhardt Sr. Bowling Ball Undrilled! - $50 (Holly Hill)

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So Enjoy! And of course, Buyer Beware!

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