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Friday, December 2, 2011

Michael Schumacher Test Worn Fire Suit at Auction!

NASCAR Collectibles and Memorabilia For Sale!

Auction News:

Michael Schumacher
Test Worn Fire Suit
at Auction!

An OMP Nomex III fire suit with “Made In Italy” on the inside tag, worn by F1 Champion Michael Schumacher. The suit features a black embroidered “Marlboro” logo stitched in front, with many patches attached from secondary sponsors. Included is the iconic Ferrari horse logo, as Schumacher was the lead driver for the Ferrari F1 Team. Stitched into the belt of the suit in white embroidered lettering is “M. Schumacher” as well as a German flag representing Schumacher’s home country.

A tag on the inside of the belt dates this suit to being worn by Schumacher at the Ferrari Presentation and for test driving in advance of the 1999 Australian Grand Prix. The inside belt tag reads “M. Schumacher” and “GP - Present + Test” and “Data - 30.1.99 Australia.”

Auction Details
Auctioneer: Julien's Auctions
Lot #: 859

Auction Link: Michael Schumacher Test Worn Fire Suit

Update: SOLD!!!
Winning Bid: $10,240

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So Enjoy! And of course, Buyer Beware!

1 comment:

  1. I like Michael Schumacher a great deal since he has started in 1991 this is when my Michael Schumacher items i have bought ranging fro signed and unsigned photos,posters,T Shirts etc, my collection to me has not been valued but whatever its worth to me they are pricelees. i would be tempting to sell them over just to get a load of money in return but i will never ever sell them even if i might be broke or poor one day.